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  • Fashion Tips for Winter

    Posted on by Osa Hale

    Each season offers unique opportunities and challenges for fashion. Just as summer brings short dressed and jumpers and bright make-up palettes, winter brings its own trends and styles. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your look a little more seasonal-chic, we have the list for you!


    1. Boots (They’re Made For Walking)

    Whether you live in a warm climate or you’re expecting a white Christmas, boots are key. They are practical, comfortable, and so full of potential for style. Wedge heels for a glam city look, quality combat boots for an irresistible tomboy style, or lace-up booties for a fun boho vibe; there are so many ways to wear boots that can complement your style. One way or another, the best way to start a winter outfit is with boots.


    2. Layering

    Layers can have so many purposes. Of course, they keep you warm. The more you put on, the warmer you are. You can also add depth to your fashion with each layer you adorn. Top fashion experts advise you to keep the layers within the same color palette (neutral to play it safe, but the right pastel or even bright color scheme can work if you own it). This lets you display different pieces of your wardrobe, match colors, and create an overall look that is cozy and chic.


    3. Wrap Up In A Scarf

    Scarves are so multitalented! The right scarf can be worn in a knot or tie, layered with a top coat, or laid flat in a single layer. You can wear a heavy scarf to stay warm in colder regions, or stick with a  lighter fashion scarf in warmer weather. Repurpose an old scarf by laying it flat or learning a fun new way to tie it, or invest in a new one that will add a pop of color to your winter ensemble. 


    4. Bold Face

    Summer is time for the natural look- just as you’re letting your skin see the sun and your hair down, you’ll be minimizing your make-up routine. Winter is the time to let your inner artist out, as you paint your face with bold contours, intense eyes (look for smokey eye tutorials), and color-forward lips- red or even purple shades are perfect. Your inspiration: a snow-covered landscape with a bright house on the horizon, stark with intense accents of color. 


    5. Jewelry 

    Just like with makeup, there is no better time to be fearless with your accessorizing than winter. Your winter clothes can tend to be more on the neutral, bland side, and that is okay! Neutral tones are a strong fashion choice. They also allow more breathing room for fun, exciting jewelry choices. Dangling earrings and chunky statement rings are two great ways to make a trendy impact even when you’re all dressed up. And when you do take off the coat and scarf at work or at a holiday party, go for a plunging necklace to highlight your elegant jewelry pairing. You'll wow everyone around you!

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  • Romantic Holiday Activities To Do With Your Partner

    Posted on by Osa Hale

    Baby, it’s cold outside... Well, even if it isn’t, you can still cuddle close together and celebrate your love! Break out the mistletoe, stir up some cocoa, and get ready for a romantic holiday season. Here’s a few fun ideas for you and your sweetie.

     1. Christmas Crafts

    Ornaments can be made from pretty much anything these days (check out Pinterest if you don’t believe us). From lightbulbs turned to snow globes to wine corks made into reindeer heads, the possibilities are nearly endless! By combining common household items with a quick trip to the craft store, you and your honey can create a unique collection of ornaments for your tree.

     2. Baked Goodies and Delicious Drinks

    What’s the holiday season without the sweets? Everyone has their favorite guilty pleasure, whether it’s gingerbread, tea cakes, cookies or pie. Bake each others’ favorite recipes, or find a new one to try together!

    Of course, baking is always more fun with an adult beverage or two. We love this list of holiday-themed cocktails that you can make at home, so the giggles will be flowing and the baked goods will taste extra sweet! Via Real Simple:

     3. All of the Lights

    Most cities have a neighborhood where the residents work together to create a winter wonderland of holiday lights. Find that neighborhood on your city, bring a thermos full of cider or cocoa, and enjoy! This is an excellent chance to explore part of your city that you’ve never seen before, or to see a familiar neighborhood in a new light. For extra fun, sing your favorite carols and holiday tunes together as you walk through the neighborhood.

     4. Run like the Reindeer!

    With all the sweets, drinks, and tasty treats surrounding you, it can be easy to start feeling a little bit like a bear that’s ready to hibernate. But there’s an alternative! You can be active and try to work off some of those extra carbs and sugars. Holiday runs, 5-k’s, and half-marathons are super common. Signing up, training, and running with your main squeeze can help you both stay fit, energetic, and in-sync through the holiday season.

     5. Frosty’s Favorite Films

    When you’re done crafting, baking, exploring, eating, drinking, and running... It’s time to relax. Curl up in the blankets with a snack or a drink (or both!), cuddle close together and pop in your favorite holiday movie. Whether you’re singing along with the Whos down in Whoville, laughing at Ralphie’s antics in A Christmas Story, or trying not to tear up during It’s a Wonderful Life, this is a wonderful way to get cozy with your sugar plum.

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